The Joys of an Electric Bicycle

In 2017 we added electric bikes to CycleGreece’s fleet of bicycles because we recognized that e-bikes are a game changer.   E-bikes bring a broad pool of riders into the cycling community who would otherwise not be pedaling.     These riders include:

  •   Long term cyclists transitioning into senior status who need a little boost to their ride
  •   Ladies who want to keep pace with their male partners — although we’ve witnessed the opposite too!
  •   Athletes with temporary or permanent leg, hip or foot injuries who can avoid stressing these body parts
  •   Overweight bikers who lack the energy to pedal far
  •   In groups with different ability riders the slowest e-bike rider can keep up with the fastest road biker.

Our CycleGreece electric bicycles are a German brand, Sinus, model Tria 9.    The bike is a pedalec which mean the bike’s motor is not activated unless you pedal which means you do get a work-out.  But you can always pedal with the motor off as well, although this would apply to flat terrain because ascents are too super a challenge with the motor off.

The highest of hill and mountains on our tour routes are accessible with an e-bike.  Apart from the off mode, the bike has four speed modes:  Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo, plus rear gears in the back.   The 500 watt li-ion battery permits distances up to 250km, 155 miles at an average speed of 20 km/h in Eco mode.   On a single battery charge the e-bike covers 90 km, 56 miles.   The Bosch compact rapid charger weighs less than 600g, 1.3 lbs and fully charges in two hours.

We have a range of e-bike sizes starting from 44 cm to 58 cm and adjustable seats.  We do not allow children under the age of 16 to operate an e-bike.

Technical Advantages of Our E-Bikes:

  •          The e-bikes are very sturdy and stable so the rider feels safe
  •          You don’t need clip-in pedals nor do you need to stand going uphill because of the powerful  motor assist
  •          In the midst of a challenging ascent, you can instantly switch into a higher speed mode without losing climbing momentum
  •          The e-bike has wide tires so if need be you can go on gravel or dirt roads  (all CycleGreece routes are on asphalt)
  •          The e-bike has a rear rack for extras
  •          The e-bike has a front light and rear reflectors
  •          The e-bike has a kick stand
  •          The e-bike has a built-in lock

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