Criteria for joining the CycleGreece team

CycleGreece is the premier cycling brand offering cycling tours exclusively in all the attractive regions of Greece and its islands since 2004.

We’re primarily looking to collaborate with skilled cyclists from all regions of Greece and abroad that are serious about cycling and have dedicated the sport of cycling to their daily routine.

Candidates must be thoroughly familiar with the sport of cycling activity and have decided to pursue a career in the incoming cycling tours travel industry.

Minimum must have requirements are:

Intimate knowledge of the English language and proficient in reading, writing and speaking Greek.  Additional foreign languages a plus.

Residence in Greece

Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office suite and other software programs (for office related activities for applicants based in Athens).

Athletic appearance, non-smoker and healthy attitude towards working with other fellow cyclists.

Ability to cater to the needs of cycling clients on/off the road including mechanical know-how of technical issues.

Valid driver’s license and ability to drive stick shift transmission vehicles.

Ability to travel within Greece and its islands for extended periods (2 weeks) and/or participate as road crew on scheduled cycling tours that are taking place within their locale.