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Cycle the coastal seaside  to the stupendous Temple of Poseidon at the tip of Attica peninsula.  The Temple  sits on a promontory overlooking the Aegean Sea with 360 degree views.   Built in 440 BC, the mighty temple has mesmerized many with its magnificence, including the British poet Lord Byron who carved his signature in one of the marble columns circa 1810.   Strategically situated, Cape Sounion enabled Athenians to control the sea passage to Piraeus port, as well as Lavrio whose silver mines were responsible for Athens’ superpower status which was emerging in the 5th century BC.

The Temple of Poseidon is a relatively small archaeology site.  You could take one hour exploring every inch of its grounds.  There’s a Temple of Athena across the road, but most folks just spend about 20-30 minutes admiring the panoramic view and the elegant marble columns.

In Greek mythology Sounion is where King Aegeus threw himself into the sea when he saw black sails on his son Theseus’ ship.  Theseus had agreed to raise a white sail to indicate he killed the Minotaur of Crete but he forgot and this caused the King to jump to his death from the promontory of Sounion.  The Aegean Sea is named for him.


Dates choose your date
Duration 8 hours
Arrival City Athens or Piraeus port
Transfers yes, to and from your central Athens hotel or Piraeus for cruise ship travelers
Tour Start Point Acropolis or vehicle transfer to Vari from central Athens or Piraeus port
Tour End Point Cape Sounion with transfer back to central Athens or Piraeus port
Minimum Age
Minimum Pax
2 riders, per person cost decreases with more riders
Maximum Pax
8 per group, multiple groups possible
Total Mileage 70 km long route or 35 km short route with transfer
Highest Elevation
79 meters, 260 feet
Rating Moderate or Active — see Rating System


There’s a long version and a short version of the Temple of Poseidon ride.  The long version is 70 km and starts at the Acropolis — ride from Temple to Temple! –and takes 3.50 hours when pedaling at 22 kph.  The short version entails a 40 minute vehicle transfer to Vari.  It is 35 km, taking 2 hours pedaling at 16 kph.   Both versions stop at Anavisos for frappes, orange juice, bathrooms.

Vari to Temple, short version
At 09:00, we pick you up either at your hotel in central Athens, or in PIraeus if you are on a cruise ship, and transfer in company vehicle to Vari, located about 40 minutes along the Poseidon Avenue.  Vari is where you will start biking on the road that hugs the coastline all the way to Sounion where the Temple of Poseidon sits at the tip of the Attica peninsula.   There is a pit stop about half way at Anavisos.  

Temple to Temple, long version
At 08:30, we pick you up from your central Athens hotel, or in Piraeus if you are on a cruise ship, and transfer you to the Acropolis from where you start the bike ride.  You take the car-free walkway to the bike path and ride down to the sea, eventually reaching Flisvos Marina.  Now you are on Poseidon Avenue and stay on it for about an hour to reach Vari.   From Vari, it is about two hours of cycling to the the Temple of Poseidon.


Acropolis to Vari — Apart from the descent to the sea, this stretch is mostly flat with some minor hills before Vari.   This leg takes about one hour.  After reaching the sea, option to ride on sidewalk to Gylfada or on the road with traffic.

Vari to Anavisos town. —  This part of the ride is flat mixed mixed with some baby hills, a little more traffic than the second half.  This leg takes an hour.

Anavisos pit stop — Get refreshed at an outdoor cafe with a cappuccino, smoothie, or fresh orange juice.

Anavisos to Sounion —  Second half of the ride is shorter in miles but because it has 5-6 hills, it is a little harder.   The highest hill is 328 feet, 100 meters.  The beauty of this leg is that there is almost no traffic.  Ride with the wind!  The tour ends at the entry to the Temple of Poseidon site.

Vehicle transfer to the taverna for a seafood lunch and swimming.

Vehicle transfer back to your Athens hotel or your cruise ship in Piraeus.   The return is usually by 17:00.

Cost per person in euros

 2 – 4 riders 290 euros per person
 5 – 8  riders 250 euros per person
9 or more riders contact us for cost

See daily exchange rates


Support vehicle:  (“sag wagon”) with bilingual driver who is also a bike mechanic.  Vehicle carries spare parts, spare fully pumped wheels, floor pump, ice cooler, water, nutritious snacks, bike tools, first aid kit, day packs, and gives you a lift if you get tired.

Tour Leader / Bike Guide:  the Tour Leader handles all the tour logistics and cycles with the group.

Bikes: Specialized Allez road bike with drop handlebars or Trek FX2 with flat handlebars. Electric bike available as an upgrade for 50 euros.   Carbon bike available as an upgrade for 70 euros.  Regular pedals or toe clips on request. You are welcome to bring your own clip-in pedals and shoes.   See Our Bikes and Our Gear

Bike gear:  water bottle, helmet, handlebar pouch, odometer

Entry fee:   to Temple of Poseidon

Lunch:  Seafood lunch at seaside taverna.  Meat and vegetarian options as well

Anavisos pit stop:   coffee or beverage at cafe

Transfers:  From your hotel or cruise ship to bike start point and return transfer at end of day.

Red Cyclist = Acropolis           Green Cyclist = Flisvos Marina           Blue Cyclist = Vari town           Yellow Cyclist = Anavisos pit stop           Purple Cyclist = Temple of Poseidon


Most everyone taking an Athens Day Tour does so as an add-on to their multi-day bike tour, before or after the tour.   The cost of the selected day tour will be added to the final cost of the multi-day bike tour.  

If you are only a day tripper – perhaps you are a cruise traveler – you will need to contact us to arrange the date and time you wish to schedule a day tour and we’ll let you know how to make payment.

See details in the Booking Agreement which you must agree as a condition to participation in a CycleGreece tour. Participants are also required to sign a Waiver & Release of Liability.

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Tour Highlights

Option to cycle Temple to Temple – from Acropolis to Poseidon

Look for Lord Byron’s graffiti carved in Temple of Poseidon’s marble column

Eat fresh fish in a fish taverna on the sea

Swim in the warm quiet tideless waters of the Aegean Sea

Behold the Athenian cyclists who regularly train on this coastal road

Hug the Attica coastline

Request Distance/Elevation Profiles For Temple of Poseidon

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