Romance.  Hands down, Greece is one of the top romantic destinations in the world.    So it is natural for cycling couples to find their way to Greece to soak in its amorous atmosphere.   Many couples take a CycleGreece honeymoon, such as, the Zemmels from New York City who biked through the small villages in the Arcadia Mountains, or the Hydes from California who luxuriated on two wheels for two weeks in the Cyclades.  The Hennings of Seattle shared their 30th anniversary with other bikers on our Sacred Sites guided tour.

Different Paces.  You might think couples prefer self-guided tours so they can be alone to savor the precious quality-time moments a vacation offers.  Yet, many couples opt for our scheduled tours and not just to meet new faces.  One influential factor is because partners often ride at different paces, which can be frustrating for both.  But in a scheduled group tour, the faster partner can ride with those at his or her speed and the slower partner need not feel pressured to keep up and can enjoy pedaling with similar level riders.

One Bikes, the Other Doesn’t.  If one partner’s passion is cycling and the other is lukewarm about the sport, that could create an obstacle for vacations.   But CycleGreece offers a solution, our Cyclades islands tour, either as a scheduled tour or self-guided The cyclist doesn’t ride from one overnight destination to the next, but rather the couple travel by ferry together from island to island.  This allows the non-cycling partner to hang out at the beach or stroll and sight see in town while the other bikes around the island.   Our Drive&Bike tours might appeal to a non-biking partner, too.   Also, on our Sail&Cycle tours the non-biker can visit the harbor town or relax on the yacht’s deck while the partner takes an island spin.

Trip Recommendation: For couples who want to maximize their non-biking time together, we suggest Argo Saronic Self-Guided tour because the daily mileage is less than other tours allowing more time to hang out arm-in-arm or holding hands while strolling the romantic harbor streets of Nafplio, Poros and Spetses.







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