“All my life I’ve wanted to come to Greece”

We hear those words again and again from our guests who finally made it here and from those many travelers who still have Greece on their bucket list.

Everyone wants to experience this special land for its natural beauty, temperate climate, influential history, captivating culture and exceptional hospitality.

It is our mission to ensure that your dream vacation succeeds on all levels.


Greece has 11 million residents, over a third of whom reside in Athens or Thessaloniki. This leaves a vast countryside with sparse traffic.

As Europe’s most southern country, Greece stays warmer longer than any other European territory. This means an extended cycling season, particularly in Crete where Africa is just 200 miles away.

Greece is an up and coming European cycling destination with an extensive network of roads. We are pioneering the field to make Greece a bike-friendly destination for riders of diverse abilities.


Too many cars.  Our tours stick primarily to rural roads with minimal traffic.  Drivers are used to slow moving goats and sheep. Two wheelers in colored jerseys stand out.

Too many mountains.   Greece’s mountains are not Alps or Rockies. Peak elevations on advanced rated tours reach 3,000 feet, 900 meters. Guided tours with vehicle support enable transfers to routes with less mileage and lower ascents.

Too hot.  Optimum cycling is April to mid-June, September to mid-November. In July and August the islands have refreshing sea breezes and a dry heat so you sweat less.  November through March is cool, but more prone to rain, although showers usually don’t last long.


The success of the 2004 Athens Olympics was due in part to Greece’s construction of new infrastructure, including;

  • a new international airport
  • an extended metro system in Athens
  • suburban trains to the Peloponnese and Attica
  • a pedestrian mall around the Acropolis
  • a coastal tram connecting Athens to the Attica coastline
  • the world’s second longest cable-stayed bridge in Patra

These modern amenities facilitate the foreign traveler’s navigation in Greece. There is also the country’s stellar sea transport system, from ferries to hydrofoils to sailboats.


Our top priority, besides delivering unforgettable experiences, is your safety and comfort, especially if you are traveling with children.

Greece is a relatively crime-free country. Outside the capital and urban areas, crime is almost non-existent. During your travels in Greece you will rarely encounter political turmoil.

Safety on the road is paramount. Our support vehicle has a caution banner and flashing lights. Clients are required to wear helmets. We give you “identity cards” written in Greek so that if you are lost or hurt locals speaking only Greek can contact us to assist you.


We have cultivated many fine accommodations throughout Greece from luxury villas to boutique hotels to cozy country inns. The establishments we patronize tend to be family owned and run and are chosen based on cleanliness, charm, convenient location, comfortable beds and stellar service. The accommodations tend to be 3 or 4 stars, or the best available when deep in the countryside. Virtually all Greek establishments feature air conditioned rooms, private bath, Wi-Fi, blow dryers and hospitable service.


The biggest pastime in Greece is eating. Greeks go out constantly and spend hours at the table with multiple courses and always good wine. You, too, will be enriched by the delicious tastes and the wide variety of dishes that make up the healthy Greek cuisine. The Mediterranean diet, long practiced in Greece, promotes longer life spans and lower rates of heart disease and emphasizes olive oil, fresh produce and fish. See Food & Wine.  There is also Greek food in the Media Gallery.  And fine wines on the Attica Wineries day tour.


Eco-tourism. Sustainable tourism. Responsible tourism. Whatever name, the aim is the same — sensitivity to the place you travel to. We strive to adhere to this movement’s principles and practices.

CycleGreece tours are low impact with small group. Cycling, hiking and walking, and sailing are offered and promoted as means of locomotion. We encourage drinking from local fountains which spew fresh spring water as safe and potable as any bottled water. We believe locals and foreigners profit when they engage in meaningful exchanges, such as, visiting an artist’s workshop or a grape farmer’s vineyards or cook’s kitchen. We try to set up activities that leave both parties a sense of an intimate experience.


From your initial encounter with our team, we regard each contact as a new opportunity to promote Greece and create another Grecophile. During the tour we share diverse information to facilitate your journey, such as, what to pack, airport transfer options, tips on eating fish, taverna recommendations, Greece reading list and other useful information.

Our bike mechanics make great efforts to select the optimum bike for your size and to ensure that the bike selected is in tip top shape before you take it into the field. On a guided tour, the driver is also a bike mechanic who can solve all bike-related issues. The tour leader handles all logistics to ensure a smooth vacation.

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