3 hours, 90% traffic free, 25 points of interest

view from AreopagosThe Historic Central Athens bike tour Is 90% traffic free and stops at 25 points of interest in the old city.   Many sites on the tour are simply inaccessible to motor vehicles.  It is impossible to cover this much terrain by foot in three hours.

The bike guide leads riders through narrow Plaka streets, weaves in and out of the Acropolis pedestrian walkway, cycles up the car-free commercial thoroughfare of Ermou and pedals around the National Gardens.   The tour’s unheralded sites, like the Anafi neighborhood, are just as interesting as the famous sites, like the changing of the guard at Parliament or the 1896 Olympic Stadium.

The Historic Central Athens bike tour is child-friendly for children eight years and older who can either ride their own bike or ride a tag-along connected to their parent’s bike.

This bike tour is also attractive to cruise ship travelers looking for an active experience off the ship.

The Full Day Historic Athens tour is offered for those who want to combine a bike ride with a private walking tour of the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum with a professional guide.  If you have already seen the Acropolis, a fine substitute is walking up to Lycabettus, the highest point in Athens.


Dates choose your date
Duration 3 hours or 8 hours for Full Day Historic Athens tour
Arrival City Athens or Piraeus
Transfers yes, for cruise ship travelers – see terms in Cost & Inclusions tab
Tour Start Point Acropolis pedestrian walkway
Tour End Point Acropolis pedestrian walkway
 Minimum Age
 Minimum Pax
4 participants – if 2 riders, per person cost increases
Maximum Pax
10 per group
Total Mileage  11 km, 6.80 miles
Highest Elevation
 55 meters, 180 feet
Rating Easy — see Rating System


Historic Central Athens Bike Tour

The Historic Central Athens Bike tour starts at the Acropolis pedestrian walkway at the point where the walkway begins at Amalia Street and Syngrou Avenue.  This point is a two minute walk from the Acropolis metro station.  The tour can also start at Thissio Metro station on the other end of the pedestrian walkway if that happens to be a more convenient location.

The three hour bike tour usually lasts from  9:00 am to 12:00 noon, but it can also start earlier at 8:30 am or even 8:00 am.   It is best to start the tour early to avoid the pedestrian crowds and take advantage of cooler mornings.  The bike tour can start later and it can occur in the afternoon as well.  The tour is 90% traffic free with very light traffic in the Plaka.

The tour covers 25 points of interest in historic central Athens, some of which are well known, such as, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Syntagma Square where the changing of the guard takes place.  Other sites are less frequently visited by tourists, such as, the Pnyx where democracy was born or Socrates’ Prison.  The tour has points of interest that are not even mentioned in guidebooks, but they too offer a fascinating peek into the many layers of Greek history that abound in central Athens.   The tour does not enter government controlled archaeology sites, such as, the Acropolis, the Roman and Greek Agoras or the Temple of Zeus.

Full Day Athens Excursion
A good way to maximize a one-day stay in Athens — particularly if you arrive by cruise ship — is to take our Full Day Athens Excursion.   It starts with the three hour Historic Central Athens bike tour.   The tour ends in time for a hearty Greek lunch at an outdoor taverna in the Plaka.

After lunch you take a three hour private tour on foot with a professional guide to the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum.   The guides we work with make the Acropolis come alive with history and meaning.

Alternatively, if you have already seen the Acropolis, the afternoon can be spent with a visit to Lycabettus, the highest point in Athens.  There is a path to walk up to Lycabettus or take the cable car.  Atop Lycabettus is a church and a café and most important, stupendous 360 degree views of all Athens.

Whether you opt for Acropolis or Lycabettus, the tour ends by no later than 5:00 pm, or earlier if you have a cruise ship to catch.

Cost  – Historic Central Athens, 3 hours

2 – 3 riders 120 euros per person
4 or more riders 60 euros per person


Bike guide, hybrid bike, helmet, water, handlebar bag

Electric bikes are available as an upgrade for 50 euros.

For cruise ship travelers, transfer from the ship directly to the tour start point and return transfer after the ride to the ship.  If linger in Athens after the bike tour, no transfer included.

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Cost – Full Day Historic Athens

2 – 4 riders 290 euros per person
5 – 8 riders 240 euros per person
9 or more riders contact us for cost


  • Historic Central Athens bike tour inclusions: bike guide, hybrid bike, helmet, water, handlebar bag
  • Lunch at traditional Greek taverna in Plaka
  • Transfers:  For cruise ship travelers, transfer from the ship directly to the tour start point and return transfer after the tour to the ship.

Acropolis option

  • Professional licensed guide for three hour tour of Acropolis and Acropolis Museum
  • Entry fees to Acropolis & Acropolis Museum.   (see Notes below)

Lycabettus option

  • Vehicle transfer to foot path to Lycabettus
  • if not walking to Lycabettus, cable car fee to site
  • beverage at Lycabettus cafe

Notes on Entry Fees

Children  Acropolis entry fees, included in the cost of your tour, are 20 euros per adult and free for children under 18 years old.  The Museum entry fees for winter season (November 1 to March 31) are 5 euros per adult and 3 euros per child. For summer season, 10 euros per adult and 5 euros per child.  For all children in your party under 18 years old with valid ID, deduct 23 euros off the tour price for winter season and 25 euros off the tour price for summer season.

Full Archaeology Sites Ticket Package   The full package costs 30 euros per adult and is valid for five days.  The package entitles you to entries to the Acropolis, Greek Agora, Roman Agora, Agora Museum, Kerameikos and Kermeikos Archaeological Museum, Lykeion archaeology site, Hadrian’s Library, North and South slope of Acropolis, Temple of Zeus..   Add 10 euros per adult to the Full Day Historic Athens tour cost if you want the full package.

Map shows highlights of Historic Central Athens Bike Tour — click on Google map to open in new window


Most everyone taking an Athens Day Tour does so as an add-on to their multi-day bike tour, before or after the tour.   The cost of the selected day tour will be added to the final cost of the multi-day bike tour.  

If you are only a day tripper – perhaps you are a cruise traveler – you will need to contact us to arrange the date and time you wish to schedule a day tour and we’ll let you know how to make payment.

See details in the Booking Agreement which you must agree as a condition to participation in a CycleGreece tour. Participants are also required to sign a Waiver & Release of Liability.

Historic Central Athens Photo Gallery

Tour Highlights

Peek inside the prison cell where the philosopher Socrates was held

Get your photograph taken standing next to the Presidential Guards

Visit the Pnyx, the birthplace of democracy

Bike up the street where the British poet Lord Byron lived

Light a candle, make a wish, in an archaic Byzantine church

Athens on 2 wheels

Ideal for Families & Cruise Travelers

A child-friendly tour for kids eight years and older who like to bike and see awesome Greek sights

A great shore excursion for cruise ship travelers with optional transfers to and from the ship

Go for the Full Day Historic Athens tour with afternoon private professional guide to the Acropolis & Museum

Request Distance/Elevation Profiles For Historic Central Athens

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