an acclaimed wine region for millennia

Attica Wine TourWine tasting cycling tour.  Greeks know a thing or two about viniculture.   Archaeological evidence indicates they’ve been making wine for over 4000 years.  The region due east of Athens known as Attica is quite prominent in the country’s wine culture.   We invite you to take advantage of your proximity to Attica wineries the slow motion way, by bicycle.

The roads are primarily rural in this agricultural region full of grape vineyards, fig farms and pistachio orchards.  The tour visits five wineries including an organic winery which won Greece’s first award for its bio-climatic system. At these wineries you have the opportunity to taste several different varieties of locally produced wine.  For example, Sabatiano, Attica’s indigenous wine, comes from a white grape that withstands the summer temperatures and produces a wine with an aroma of citrus fruit and flowers.

A special detour is made to the Temple of Artemis in Vravrona (a/k/a Brauron).  This was an ancient sanctuary dedicated to the goddess of hunting, Artemis, that was a female-only place of worship.   Every four years, the Vravrona festival was held in which ten-year-old Athenian girls dressed up as bears and dedicated favorite objects to Artemis who guided them from childhood to adolescence. The Artemis Temple is but inspiring and the museum is definitely worth exploring.

The Dionysus Connection    According to ancient tradition, Dionysus, god of joy and wine, introduced the people of Attika to the cultivation of the vine and the art of wine drinking. In those days, Greeks mixed wine with water and drank it daily. During Dionysus festivals, symposia (drinking parties) were held on the first day of the three day event to honor the wine god. During important symposia official cup bearers (oinochooi) were the equivalent of modern day sommeliers.


Dates choose your date
Duration 8 hours
Arrival City Athens or Piraeus
to/from your central Athens hotel or Piraeus port for cruise ship travelers
Tour Start Point Koropi
Tour End Point Koropi
Minimum Age
Minimum Pax
2 riders, per person cost decreases with more riders
Maximum Pax
8 per group, multiple groups possible
Total Mileage 45 km, 28 miles
Highest Elevation
161 meters, 528 feet
Rating Moderate — see Rating System


Whether you are staying at a central Athens hotel or have arrived by cruise ship in Piraeus, our company vehicles picks you up and transfers you to Koropi, the start point for the Attica Wineries bike tour.   Since the Athens Airport is in the middle of this region, we can also pick you up at the airport and begin the tour from there.  The airport was actually built atop a local family’s vineyard.  The airport option is especially convenient for morning arrivals who are likely not able to check into their Athens hotel anyway until the afternoon.

We are favored tour operators with the Attica Wine Growers and Wineries Cooperative (ENOAA) which consists of approximately forty members.   We have selected four member wineries to visit on the cycling tour.  At each winery, three to four varieties of wines are sampled along with finger food like cheese and olives.   At mid-day there is lunch either at the sea in Porto Rafti or at a winery.  A highlight of the ride is the stop at Vravrona to see the Temple of Artemis (not open Tuesdays).

The bike route makes a grand loop of 45 km, 28 miles.  The terrain is mostly flat on paved rural roads except for a very short stretch on hard packed gravel.  The highest climb is 161 meters, 528 feet.   There is minimal traffic except for a very short stretch hugging the sea.   The average biking distance between each stop is about 8 km (5 miles).

Departure is usually at 09:00 and return to your hotel or cruise ship usually by 17:00 or 18:00.

Cost per person in euros

2 – 4 riders 350 euros per person
5 – 8 riders
310 euros per person
9 or more riders
contact us for cost

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Transfers:  From your hotel or cruise ship to bike start point and return transfer at end of day.  Alternative to transfer from Athens Airport upon morning arrival and return transfer to your Athens hotel for afternoon check-in.

Support vehicle:  (“sag wagon”) with bilingual driver who is also a bike mechanic.  Vehicle carries spare parts, spare fully pumped wheels, floor pump, ice cooler, water, nutritious snacks, bike tools, first aid kit, day packs, and gives you a lift if you get tired.

Tour Leader / Bike Guide:  the Tour Leader handles all the tour logistics and cycles with the group.

Bikes: Specialized Allez road bike with drop handlebars or Trek FX2 with flat handlebars.  Electric bike available as an upgrade for 50 euros.   Carbon bike available as an upgrade for 70 euros.  Regular pedals or toe clips on request. You are welcome to bring your own clip-in pedals and shoes.   See Our Bikes and Our Gear

Bike gear:  water bottle, helmet, handlebar pouch, odometer

Wine tasting:   Wine tasting of 3-4 wines at four wineries

Entry fee:   entry fees to Vravrona archaeology site (Temple of Artemis) and museum

Lunch:   Either at a winery or seaside taverna in Porto Rafti.  Meat and vegetarian options as well.

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Most everyone taking an Athens Day Tour does so as an add-on to their multi-day bike tour, before or after the tour.   The cost of the selected day tour will be added to the final cost of the multi-day bike tour.  

If you are only a day tripper – perhaps you are a cruise traveler – you will need to contact us to arrange the date and time you wish to schedule a day tour and we’ll let you know how to make payment.  

See details in the Booking Agreement which you must agree as a condition to participation in a CycleGreece tour. Participants are also required to sign a Waiver & Release of Liability.

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  • Attica1
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  • Attica9
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Tour Highlights

Bike to the ancient Temple of Artemis and visit the Vravrona museum

Sample the new profound blends Attica winemakers create with restina

Make a pit stop at a tiny Byzantine chapel surrounded by grape fields

Visit a wine museum with photographs and relics of wine production in bygone days

Cycle past acres and acres of vineyards especially in the fall when the grapes are plump

Attica Wine Harvest

Request Distance/Elevation Profiles For Attica Wineries

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