The tour rating system is intended to provide our guests a best approximation of the riding level of each tour.  The primary factors to take into account are distance and elevation.

For Guided Tours and Family Tours, the ratings can be taken more lightly because these tours always have a company support vehicle.  If you get tired or don’t feel like climbing the next hill, just hop in with the driver who trails the group at a discrete distance.  Nonetheless, to minimize vehicle time, it’s wise to choose a tour that approximates your cycling ability.

Self-guided cyclists need to pay closer attention to the ratings because they will not have a support vehicle following them.   They will face every ascent and descent and every mile on their own.   If the self-guided cyclist can’t continue further, there is our Road Service Program that for a fee will pick you up and take you to where ever you need to go.

On the other hand, the entire rating system becomes relative when you opt for an electric bicycle.  See our E-Bikes page for more info about the advantages of upgrading to an e-bike.

Level Description Distance Terrain
Easy Suitable for beginners, youngsters and any cyclist who just wants a casual smell-the-roses experience.   Pedal for two to three hours, enough to build up a sweat but plenty of time, too, left for leisurely pursuits. 5-15 miles flat with slight hills


Built for the cyclist who wants to flavor their vacation with a bit of exercise; not a ton of riding, just enough to feel healthy and prevent extra calorie accumulation when baklava is served for dessert.   The routes are do-able for any reasonably fit biker.


15-30 miles rolling with modest ascents


Geared towards active travelers who want to spend a large part of their vacation time on two wheels.  This rider expects to feel fulfilled on a ride and thus welcomes routes with a few challenges.


15-40 miles Rolling with stimulating ascents


For riders who love a multitude of ascents and descents, and a full day in the saddle, but not of the caliber to intimidate a seasoned cyclist.  We are not talking Rocky Mountain or Tour de France level climbs.


30 – 40 miles or more Lots of hills and some mountains

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