Family Accommodations

In hotels, except for resorts, suites or double rooms side by side are the best options for families needing multiple beds. Many hotels do not offer triples with three separate beds. Often a sofa-bed serves as the third bed. All hotels offer breakfast.

Ages Families With Children
3-6 One Resort Your family stays in one stationary spot in one region in luxury resorts with child-friendly amenities available to support your vacation needs. The resort has playgrounds and children-oriented activities. Parents rely on the child-care services while going out for a spin.
7-12 Two Resorts Your family stays in two resorts in two different regions, enabling you to see more of Greece. The children participate with their parents in outdoors activities (hiking, biking, snorkeling) to the extent capable. Childcare services enable parents to get in some cycling at an adult pace.
13-17 Children in this age group are able to participate in most of the same outdoor activities as their parents do. Accommodations range from resorts to boutique hotels to country inns to private villas. The tour travels to multiple destinations. Parental discretion must be exercised to select a tour suited for their children. Apart from resorts and luxury hotels, generally caretaking services are not available in the accommodations on tours for this age group.
Mixed If your family has, for example, a 5 year old and two teen-agers, adjustments must be made to accommodate different needs. Only resorts and luxury hotels offer caretaking services, so this limits some destinations. It is in the family’s discretion how they want the itinerary to be managed by our team and to let us know any special requirements. Families can choose whatever accommodations appeal to them.