With the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean,
over 250 days of sunshine annually
and unparalleled antiquities,
Greece ranks as a world class vacation destination.

A Strategic Location

Greece is strategically located between three continents which has made it throughout history a prime piece of real estate for foreign invaders.  They have come from many lands in many eras — Persians, Romans, Franks, Ottomans, Venetians, Genoans, Germany.   They have all left their mark on this small corner of the world.   It is here that the original ancient Greeks chose to settle and make their profound contributions to modern human civilization:  drama, architecture, sculpture, politics, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, literature, art.

An Exceptional Influence

You can’t one day, or even one hour, without speaking Greek-derived words.   They tumble off our tongue:  ego, democracy, telephone, philosophy, galaxy, acrophobia, tyrant, meander, Bible, photography, and on and on.   Apart from inheriting morals and values, Greek mythology also gives us rich phrases still used today:   Achilles heel,  Herculean effort, the Midas touch, Pandora’s box, an Odyssey, Gordian knots.   Such is the enduring power of the Greek language.