Bicycle Links

International Bicycle Fund
Non-governmental, nonprofit advocacy organization, promoting sustainable transport and international understanding. These folks do good work! Their topics include History of Bicycling, Youth Bike Recycling Programs and Bicycle Science.

Cycling List
These folks have catalogued cycling related websites into an easy to use directory format. The categories cover an all-encompassing, creative range of interests including “Tours & Events,” “Activism & Safety,” “Bike Messengers,” “Women Cyclists,” “College Teams,” “Lowriders,” “News & Media,” and lots more.

Commuting By Bike
American based website devoted to encouraging commuting to work by bicycle, Personal tips on commuting from a former pack-a-day smoker, frequent drinker, non-active guy who now cycles to work regularly.

Bike Friday
This Eugene, Oregon company’s specialty is folding bikes. The “tikit” which folds in about 10 second is the smart way to get around town and commute to work. All models fit in a suitcase. CycleGreece co-founder Colleen McGuire owns a Bike Friday!

Bicycle Film Festival
Founded in 2001 in New York City (no, not Amsterdam), this sensationally inventive event has spread to dozens of other cities and attracted main stream publicity, like Time magazine, Italian Vanity Fair and Japanese Vogue.

Travelogues of bicycle tours from around the world categorized by region. A Google Open Directory Project.

Their tag line is “Bike Vicariously.” This blog site has over a dozen categories, including Bike Shop Blogs, Bike Touring Blogs, Triathlete Blogs, and within those categories, a long list of choices.

Oi Filoi tou Podilato
Athens-based bicycle advocacy group whose full name in English is Friends of the Bicycle. Apart from grassroots bicycle promotion, the “club” also organizes self-contained offroad excursions all around Greece. Their site is only in Greek but they have wonderful photos.

A great bicycle store on the Ionian island of Kefalonia. Panbike is
owned by “Greek Champion” Pantelis Ioannides who also organizes the annual International Cycling Tour of Kefalonia.

Greece Links

Matt Barrett
An American named Matt Barrett has been coming to and living on and off in Greece for years. He offers more tips and insights to travel in Greece on his lovingly-produced homespun website than any other Grecophile living outside Greece. Read the site for unique information not found in any other travel site.

Ancient Greece
A user-friendly site with enlightening information about ancient Greece. Covers scholarly subjects for non-scholars: art & architecture, geography, history, mythology, Olympics, people and wars.

All-inclusive directory of just about any resource you’d need in Greece. Topics include: Arts & Entertainment, Health, Sports & Recreation, Transportation, Government, Society & Culture and news media.

Athens News
Athens-based English language newspaper founded in 1952, initially published daily, now weekly on Fridays. The premier newspaper for the ex-pat community in Greece.

Athens-based English language monthly magazine, also online, providing the latest events, fashions and trends in Greece, along with entertainment and dining choices. Upscale oriented.

Aglaia Kremezi
Aglaia Kremezi is one of Greece’s national treasures.  With her philosophically inclined husband Costas Moraitis, she started Kea Artisanal in the Cyclades. The center introduces visitors to healthy Mediterranean foods and stress-free lifestyle via cooking classes and workshops. Aglaia has written four cookbooks and writes for the Atlantic Monthlys food blog.


International Ecotourism Society
The largest, oldest and most respectable organization in the world dedicated to generating and disseminating information about sustainable travel, also known as ecotourism.

Costa Christ Beyond Green Travel Blog
A pioneer and influential founder of the eco-tourism movement, Costa Christ is one of its most signficant spokepersons today. His blog, published on the National Geographic Adventure website where he is an editor, highlights tourism companies who advance sustainable concepts and he also names names of those whose practices are not so earth-friendly.

United Nations
Official United Nations Environmental Program website on sustainable tourism and ecotourism.

UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites website

World Wildlife Fund
WWF, begun in 1961, is one of the world’s largest independent conservation organizations whose mission is to conserve the world’s biological diversity and ensure sustainability. WWF has a very active branch in Greece.

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental violators. A very active chapter is in but their website is not in English.

Elliniki Etairia
Elliniki Etairia is formally known as the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage. Founded in 1972, the non-governmental organization is based in Athens and vigorously advocates for the preservation of Greece’s environmental and cultural heritage.CycleGreece, Best Cycling Tours in Greece