2019 dates: May 12-16 & September 17-21

Additional hiking days can easily be added to the tour.

Day 1: On last evening of bike tour (Day 8) transfer from Herakleion to Omalos hotel, the start point for next day’s hike.
view from Areopagos
Day 2: Samaria Gorge, Soughia
A steep wooden staircase takes us to the beginning of the astounding Samaria Gorge, said to be Europe’s longest gorge. A descent through this national park may well be the highlight of your trip. Wildlife unseen elsewhere, cold fresh water mountain springs, narrow cliff walls 3 meters (10 feet) wide in places and the abandoned Samaria village are a few of the marvels that make this ravine Crete’s most beloved hiking trail. At the end of the trail we take the ferry to Soughia. 18 km, 11 miles. 4-5 hours walking

Day 3: Agia Roumeli
There were over 200 Asclepion healing centers spread throughout Ancient Greece, and one is located at Lissos, the destination of today’s hike. The area also has a fresh spring and seemingly dozens of Roman tombs from 60 AD. Return back to Soughia for a boat to Agia Roumeli. We are deep in Sfakia territory, Crete’s most rebellious region against the Turks, the center of resistance during foreign domination, and the most culturally engrossing. 10 km, 6.2 miles. 5 hours

Day 4: Loutro
We hike from Agia Roumeli to Loutro, two towns accessible only by foot or boat. At Agia Pavlos we stop to swim, get a bite to eat, jump off the big boulder into the sea, and inspect St. Pauls’ pastel pink Byzantine church. As a car-free village on the sea, Loutro is very quiet and serene. 10 km, 6.2 miles, 5 hours.

Day 5: Departure
Morning ferry to Hora Sfakia, then vehicle transfer to Hania, the tour’s departure point. If you are not staying overnight in Hania, plan for an evening ferry or flight. If your departure from Crete is from Herakleion, additional transfer fees apply.


1300 euros per person for 1-2 persons. 1200 euros for 3-4 persons. 250 euros single supplement


  • 4 nights in local hotels, simple furnishings — a worthy exchange to be amidst an undeveloped coast and minimal tourism — ample hospitality
  • All meals — breakfast, lunch, dinner with local wine
  • Transfer from Herakleion to Omalos on last evening of bike tour
  • Day 5 airport transfer to Hania (additional fees apply for transfer to Herakleion)
  • Local bilingual hiking guide
  • Daily luggage transfers
  • All sea transfers
  • Samaria Gorge entry fee


  • Air or sea transfer from Crete to Athens
  • Alcoholic beverages (other than house wine)
  • Travel insurance —

Add-on trips can be customized to fit your travel schedule and vacation desires.

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