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Crete Basic Information


  • Lassithi Plateau
    with mammoth Diktion Cave.cycle-greece-SARONICslider3
  • Traditional villages
    in the Psiloritis Mountains
  • Romantic Venetian-era
    city of Hania
  • Minoan palaces of
    Knossos and Malia
  • Rethymno’s fabulous Fortezza

As Greece’s largest island with an extended road network and breathtaking mountains and seascapes, Crete makes a provocative destination for cyclists.

Apart from splendid cycling, ancient Minoan ruins are an exciting feature en route, including famous sites like Knossos and Malia, and unheralded ones of equal interest, such as the Armeni Minoan cemetery and Fourni in Arhanes.

Clients rave about the precious accommodations offered on this tour. Charming old villas, country inns and boutique hotels provide a personal, intimate exchange with the hospitable local hosts.

Available Dates

Duration Rating Average km/day Total Distance Cost Per Person in Euros Cost Per Person in Euros
8 or 10 days Challenging 10 Days
33 miles
54 km
10 Days
313 miles
504 km
8 Days
2 riders – 2220
3 riders – 2100
4 riders – 2010
Single Supp – 300
10 Days
2 riders – 2380
3 riders – 2170
4 riders – 2070
Single Supp – 400

All tours are priced in euros, the currency of Greece.
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Level Of Difficulty 3
Standard Duration 7 nights, 8 days
Add-on days Available & recommended
Arrival City Hania
Arrival transfer yes, from airport or port
Departure City Herakleion
Departure transfer Yes , to airport or port
Tour Start Point Hania
Tour End Point Arhanes
Number of hotels 4
Luggage Transfers     4
Minimum Age 18
Minimum Riders 1
Maximum Pax no max
Total Mileage 30 km/19 miles
Average Daily Mileage 15 km, 9 miles
Highest Elevation 1500 m , 3000 feet


Support vehicle available for lifts. Additional mileage available for road warriors

Day 1 15 miles, 25 km, flat atop plateau, almost no hills
Day 2 32 miles, 54 km descend 2920 ft, ascend on return same route.
Day 3 27 miles, 44 km highest ascent 1968 feet, 8 Day: 28 miles, 46 km rolling hills
Day 4 15 miles, 25 km descend then ascend back up 1300 feet
Day 5 31 miles, 50 km highest ascents 1692 and 2040 feet
Day 6 50 miles, 80 km climb from 1050 feet to 1790 feet, then downhill. Additional mileage for Spili, add 18 miles, 30 km, and two 1000 feet climbs
Day 7 39 miles, 63 km rolling hills
Day 8 58 miles, 94 km, 1100 foot climb in 8 km, highest climb 2000 feet
Day 9 46 miles, 74 km ascend 3600 feet, descend on return. Actual riding time is about 2.45 to ascend, 1½ hours to return.

Start/End Points

The 8 Day or 10 Day tour both start in Athens where you test your bike. You can either fly or take an overnight boat to Herakleion, Crete. In either event, from Herakleion early morning the next day you/bikes/luggage will be transferred to Tzermiado for Day 1 of the10 Day tour or transferred to Knossos–Arhanes for Day 1 of the 8 Day tour. Note — 8 Day tour itinerary starts at Day 3 on Itinerary below.

The tour ends in Hania with daily flights and boats back to Athens. You leave the bike in Hania.


Day 1: Arhanes   On arrival, a CycleGreece agent meets you at the port or airport and transfers you to lovely Arhanes, a one-time Minoan village whose contemporary residents continue many of the same traditions, from growing grapes for wine to cultivating acclaimed olive oil.  If morning arrival, afternoon cycle to Museum of Nikos Katzantakis, author of Zorba the Greek.   41.60 km, 25.80 miles or 24.55 km, 15 miles

Day 2: Arhanes  
Bike to the famed Minoan palace city of Knossos, the Ancient Minoa was the first civilization on European soil. By all accounts it was a peaceful empire. Recommend a taxi to  Herakelion Archaeological Museum to avoid intense urban traffic.   25km, 15 miles roundtrip

Day 3: Zaros   The ride from Arhanes 1245 feet (380 meters) ascends to the cheerful mountain village of Zaros 1394 feet high (425 meters). Zaros is known for its bottled mineral water, fresh trout and the E4 (European) hiking route. Optional afternoon hike in the Rouvas Gorge. 55.52 km, 34.50 miles

Day 4: Rethymno  Back country roads, lots of climbing, breathtaking scenery characterizes today’s ride. The day’s final destination is Crete’s best kept secret, Rethymno.  Make sure to visit the Fortezza, the grand Venetian-era fort overlooking the city.   77.20km, 48.00 miles

Day 5: Rethymno  A bike ride into the low portions of the Psiloritis Mountains. Visit Melidoni Cave and learn its poignant history. Lunch on the seacoast at Panormos.  Stroll Rethymno’s car-free alley-like streets or along its fourteen kilometer sandy beach.  67.70 km, 42 miles

Day 6: Hania   The ride to Hania first passes the Minoan cemetery at Armeni with its fascinating tombs of unknown origin.  Halfway en route is the gorgeous sea at Giorgiopoli.  Last stretch is the climb over Malaxa village at 1500 feet high.     78.00 km, 48.50 miles

Day 7: Hania   Ascend the enchanting Therissos Gorge up to 1860 feet.  On the way back stop at a winery for lunch, or visit a botanical park created by two brothers in their burned out olive field.  Enjoy Hania’s beautiful harbor with Venetian architecture.  Take time for shopping in Hania – handmade knives or gold jewelry.  51.00 km,  31.60  miles

Day 7: Departure   If departing Crete, vehicle transfer to airport or port.  Leave your bikes and gear at the hotel.   




  • Participants are required to sign our Waiver.
  • Participants are required to agree to the Booking Agreement
  • All costs are in euros.   Click here for daily exchange rates: www.xe.com
  • Costs are based on Double occupancy

Cost per person

Cost for 1 Rider 1300 euros / per person
Cost for 2 Riders 1400 euros / per person
Cost for 3 Riders 1200 euros / per person
Cost for 4+ Riders 800 euros / per person

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Self-guided clients carry their own gear, like pump, tubes, patch kit, etc.  

Road Service Yes Spare tube 1 per person
Accommodations 5 Rear rack on request
Breakfast daily Patch kit 1 per group
Luggage transfers 4 Tire Irons 1 per group
Bike-rider transfers 2 Multi-tool 1 per group
Bike road or hybrid Hand pump 1 per group
Pedals regular or cages GPS device 1 per group
Water bottles 2 per person Cue sheets per person
Handlebar pouch 1 per person Maps 1 per couple
Odometer 1 per person Trip Folder 1 per couple
Helmet 1 per person Mobile phone 1 per group
Lock 1 per person CycleGreece jersey 1 per person


      • Panniers
      • Airfare to Greece
      • Transport to/from Crete
      • Meals except breakfast
      • Travel Insurance
      • We are an official Travel Guard agent.  Request





Optional Services.

Please Contact us if you want one of these serveces added on your tour. Optional services may alter the basic root of a tour or expand the total lenght! These

  • Pre-tour logistics (hotels, destinations, transport, etc)
  • Post-tour logistics
  • Licensed guide at Knossos or Malia
  • Traditional Crete Cooking Class
  • Olive Oil Tasting Session
  • Wine Tasting Session
  • Samaria Gorge Hike
  • Imbros Gorge Hike



As Greece’s largest island with an extended network of rural roads,  Crete offers cyclists exquisite routes through mountain villages that eventually descend to the sea.  A must-see are the ancient Minoan palace cities of Knossos and Malia, or unheralded ruins, such as the mysterious Armeni cemetery near Rethymno.

Crete has its own delicious cuisine, its own dialect, its own traditional music.    It’s practically its own country!



Here you can see a basic route of your trip.


  • Crete6
  • Crete6

Tour Highlights

  • Gavdos, Europe’s most southern terrain
  • Cycle Greece
  • Lassithi Plateau with mammoth Diktion Cave.
  • Traditional villages in the Psiloritis Mountains
  • Romantic Venetian-era city of Hania
  • Minoan palaces of Knossos and Malia
  • Rethymno’s fabulous Fortezza
CRETE The island of your Dreams

CRETE The island of your Dreams

Availlable for all levels of Riders

Availlable for all levels of Riders

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